TPN driver is praised for heroism after protecting an elderly customer

TPN driver is praised for heroism after protecting an elderly customer

A driver for TPN Member Pallet Network Anglia has been praised by a customer’s family after he rang an ambulance and stayed for two hours sheltering an old lady from the pouring rain.

Driver Wayne Betts was delivering a tree to a bungalow in Dersingham, Kings Lynn, last week, when the 86 year old recipient tripped as she left her property and broke her hip. Wayne instantly called an ambulance and, knowing that it was unsafe to move her, stayed with the lady for two hours in the pouring rain waiting for paramedics to arrive.

“Wayne phoned the office and the whole team rallied around to get all of his deliveries shifted to other vehicles so that he could stay with the lady until we knew she was safe and cared for,” says Matt Gilbert, operations manager, Pallet Network Anglia.

The PNA traffic team comprising James Judge, Kelly Wilding and Gareth Turner worked tirelessly to ensure that other customers would not be inconvenienced while Wayne sheltered the injured lady.

“I wouldn’t have dreamed of leaving her,” says Wayne. “I didn’t know how long the ambulance would take but she was lying in the pouring rain. I tried to reassure her while keeping her as warm and dry as possible.”

The lady’s family wrote to TPN almost immediately to thank Wayne for his heroic actions.

“During the delivery my mother tripped when coming out of her bungalow and fell and broke her hip. Wayne phoned an ambulance and stayed with her in the driving rain for at least two hours waiting for help which eventually did arrive,” wrote her son, who says his mother is now recovering in hospital.

“This is a true example of human behaviour above business and I would hate to think that Wayne got into trouble for doing so. If Wayne is typical of your company, then that is a massive credit to your culture.”

Needless to say, Wayne did not get into trouble for his actions but has been praised by everyone in the network.

Another TPN driver, Dan Binns, recently won a commendation from the Chief Superintendent after halting his collection round on the Halifax flyover to save a man who was attempting suicide.

TPN MD Mark Duggan says: “We are extremely proud of Wayne and Dan and the teams that supported them. They embody everything that is great about TPN – a commitment to integrity, excellence and doing the right thing. Our OneTeamTPN culture is all about looking after one another, and these drivers are a credit to that.”

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